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Every woman desires to revamp their look every so often. We know that when you look good, you feel good and perform at your best. A woman's hair should be her glory. Your hair should give you the confidence to make a difference. With Vida De Luxe's quality hair, that comes effortlessly.

Vida De Luxe is a high class beauty brand, providing high quality human hair and other beauty products that appeal to every woman's beauty needs. Vida De Luxe was created by a hard working Jamaican native, passionate about beauty and its different aspects in order to create a lifestyle brand.

Founder Aimee Norman has served her career in the medical/health field for several years. However with the hopes to find an equal balance between starting a family and pursuing her lifetime dreams in the world of entrepreneurship, she set forth to make her dream a reality.

She wanted to enhance a woman's natural beauty and empower women all around the world by providing quality hair extensions, and high class beauty products.